Sunday, August 04, 2002

back again..well the rest of my day was pretty fun.went with my sister and her boyfriend to fernies house (uhmm i think thats how its spelled) blasted some music.sister was doin her thang.went to burger king with sis.ruben.and joe..uhmm what else..oo0 yes..went bowling yeyy was second in my lane twice..saw some people there..dang itz filipino bowling day!! sunday is when you see it had my occasional fight/weird talks with turtle...AM I NOT TURTLEY ENOUGH FOR THE TURTLE CLUB? TURTLE TURTLE *shrugs shoulders*..haha uhmm what else well as you can see i am stuck here typind this to you while im tryin to think of where i typed my story at..well anyways gonna go now..take kare bye bye
well hiyoo everyone. well this blog was specialy made for my love kurt (bestfriend) .lol told you i would tell you my whole life story :) well i will post that all on here but i just need to go home and do all it.well as for my weekend very blah and normal like usuall. didn't really go out. just the normal eat, get starbuckz and watch t.v or play online.HIGHLIGHT OF THE WEEKEND!! would have to be my little talk with my rhommy doodle head. dang reminising about the times and adding on to our little inside jokes..yes yes GOTTA LOVE MY 38 4sho and i had my occasional "g" hehe was drinkin my meteor snapple drink that has it in it..yup..well i will post laters wen i can bye bye